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Blue Highway

Still Climbing Mountains – 2001 (Rounder)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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For a relatively young band by bluegrass standards, Blue Highway has earned a well-deserved reputation as a versatile band that combines the best of old and newbluegrass traditions.

As the title suggests, they are far from resting on their past achievements, however. In an era where most of their peers are busy recycling the classics and rediscovering traditional fare, Blue Highway have come up with a 14-track album of all-original tunes - an almost unheard of feat when it comes to bluegrass.

Bluegrass gospel is one of this band's strengths, and here they come up with not one, but a trio of tunes along that theme: The tale of Isaac on the, "Mountain Of The Lord," the Revelation chapter, "The Seventh Angel" and a sweet tale of life's journey after death, "Goodbye For a While."

The other songs here have a strong spirit as well, from the folk-influenced, "Union Man," to the country sweetheart tune, "Only A Thought Away." It seems that whatever Blue Highway wants to do, they can do - and do it well, all on their own.