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Bluegrass Alliance

Re-Alliance – 2001 (Copper Creek)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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Bluegrass Alliance has been revived after splitting more than two decades ago over creative differences.

Their Re-Alliance CD with none of the original members aboard has some nods to tradition with the inclusion of "The Lonesome River" (Carter Stanley) - one of their best numbers - and "I Still Miss Someone" and they do a credible job on the latter, but there's a nagging dissonance in the harmonies.

They show a country influence with the inclusion of "Sea of Heartbreak" and Crystal Gayle's "Ready For the Times" and an excellent instrumental, "Panhandle Rag." Another high point is "Wayfaring Stranger" well done with a bluesy feel, but it also highlights the biggest problem with the album: it doesn't have the overall drive and feel of bluegrass. A harder driving song selection would have changed the feel, but the songs tend to be laid back without any edge.