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Planet Rockers

The Planet Rockers – 1997 (26 Classic Rockers)

Reviewed by Jon Johnson

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SpinoutBR> As a rockabilly band based in Nashville, the Planet Rockers's approach to their music was unique, to say the least. When the closest things to well-known songs covered are versions of Wynn Stewart's "Come On," Woody Guthrie's "Lonesome Traveler," and Robert Mitchum's "Ballad of Thunder Road," one gets a pretty good idea of their approach.

Another unique aspect of the group's sound was lead vocalist Sonny George, whose burly baritone - reminiscent at times of Elvis's voice in the late '60's and '70's - is a radical departure from the sound of most modern rockabilly singers. Lead guitarist Eddie Angel - now better-known for his work with Ronnie Dawson and Los Straitjackets - is in fine form throughout, as well; as indebted to Link Wray as he is to Scotty Moore.

By combining the contents of 1991's "Coming In Person" and 1992's "Invasion of the Planet Rockers" with a few odds and ends, this represents the majority of the Planet Rockers's recordings and a good starting point for latecomers. Hopefully they'll now attract the audience deserved in the first place. (4402 Soper Ave., Nashville, TN 37204)