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Adrienne Young

The Art of Virtue – 2005 (Adiebelle Music)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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Whether finding her inspiration and drive from real world problems of today, the Grateful Dead or Benjamin Franklin's 13 virtues, Adrienne Young has the pluck, the vision and the chops to pull it all off. She wrote over half of the 15 songs, starting with the title cut and ending with Jerry Garcia's "Brokedown Palace." In between, she plays banjo, guitar and spoons and sings up a storm. It is the conviction with which she delivers each song that really provides the album's spark. Her songs based on real life experiences are the best with "Pretty Ella Arkansas" being a prime example.

The music is a throwback to a time when traditional country was held in high esteem, and yet there is really nothing nostalgic about the feel of this music or the way it is presented. Young's voice shimmers when a gentle touch is required and commands attention when the songs makes those demands. Overall the disc is strong top to bottom and stands up well to repeated listening.