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Blind Corn Liquor Pickers

Anywhere Else? – 2005 (Blind Corn Music)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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Bluegrass purists may blanche at the mere utterance of this group's colorful moniker, but the energy and enthusiasm evident on this, their second album, ought to win over anyone brave enough to ignore the name and listen to the music.

Led by former Legendary Shack Shakers member Todd Anderson, the Pickers lean well into an acoustic rockabilly blend on several songs here, including, "Little Enis," which references the pelvis of Elvis for additional rockabilly dancefloor credibility.

Most of the album continues in an uptempo, old time music pace, with lightning-fast picking and lots of stereotypical lyrics about farm life, drinking and general hell-raising from "Puttin' Up Hay" to, "River Of Blazing Bourbon." The most hair-raising track, however, is a nearly note-perfect twanged-up version of Talking Heads' "In A Lifetime." If David Byrne had done it this way in the "Stop Making Sense" concert film, he probably would have been wearing a giant pair of overalls instead of that oversized suit.