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Patty Loveless

Dreamin' My Dreams – 2005 (Sony)

Reviewed by Brian Wahlert

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Patty Loveless hit her peak popularity well over a decade ago now, with hits like "Timber, I'm Falling in Love" and "I Try to Think About Elvis." But in recent years, she's quietly recorded some of her best music, turning to bluegrass on "Mountain Soul" and now returning to more standard country fare.

Loveless' success has been based on two factors. First is incredible song selection - Loveless and her husband/producer Emory Gordy Jr. have a knack for finding songs that express the joy and pain of everyday life in a way that anyone can relate to. Two of the best here were co-written by Jim Lauderdale and Leslie Satcher, "Everything But the Words" and "When Being Who You Are Is Not Enough," which features Emmylou Harris singing beautiful backup.

Loveless' second success factor is that incredible voice, so rich and expressive. Nowhere is Loveless better than on "On the Verge of Tears" - as her voice breaks on the word "verge," she really does sound like she's about to cry.Patty Loveless may not be tearing up the country charts these days, but she's still making great music.