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Pat Green

Carry On – 2000 (Greenhorse)

Reviewed by Joel Bernstein

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Contrary to that recent song, real country music hasn't been murdered, it's been barricaded in Texas. Pat Green is just one example of someone who's thriving in the Lone Star state while remaining unknown elsewhere. "Carry On" is Green's fifth album, and the first four are said to have sold over 100,000 copies - a very impressive figure considering virtually all those sales have been in Texas. Green's latest is produced by the ubiquitous Dixie Chick daddy Lloyd Maines (daughter Natalie sang on Green's first album), and includes guest appearances by Willie Nelson (playing guitar, not singing), David Grissom and The Lost Gonzo Band's Bob Livingston.

That last guest provides the link to Green's sound, which is squarely in the Jerry Jeff Walker tradition of mixing uptempo dancehall/barroom tunes with lengthy narrative ballads. Jack Ingram, before he fell under Steve Earle's spell, was doing a similar thing, although he didn't write as much of his own material as Green does here. Green has a lot better voice than Walker does, which certainly doesn't hurt. Those who are still carrying a torch for ole' Jerry Jeff ought to get themselves acquainted with Pat Green.