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Patent Pending

Through the Window – 2001 (Copper Creek)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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Twelve years is a long wait. This album by Patent Pending was first released as an LP in 1988-89 and is now reissued on CD. Good thing. Patent Pending doesn't have national name recognition, but their efforts here are as good as any today. Their harmonies are tight, and Eldred Hill is excellent on lead vocals. "Will a Light Be Shining Bright Within Your Soul" alone is worth the price of the CD, and there are 11 other good cuts here with composers from Don Reno to Don Gibson. "House of Heartbreak" and "Rufus Taylor" are two of the gems.

The group is still active with just a few personnel changes. With songs ranging from the well known ("Someone Took My Place With You") to the self-penned, this release of the past is true bluegrass.