Mountain Heart

No Other Way – 2002 (Skaggs Family)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

CDs by Mountain Heart

Mountain Heart has established itself as one of the premier bands in bluegrass in just three years, and this CD is a demonstration of how good they are. Excellent instrumentalists, great voices and tight harmonies: the stuff bluegrass is made of.

One of the more powerful numbers is "Tedious and Tasteless" which starts as a solo a cappella lead by Barry Crabtree. When the rest join him halfway through it sends chills up your spine. They are equally home in bluegrass, gospel and even classic country. Steve Gulley, who does a great George Jones impersonation, leads on "How Strong Do My Walls Have To Be" which, though written by Pete Goble, is great country music.

They of course have blistering instrumentals (like "Lee Highway Blues") and stick to a traditional bluegrass sound for the most part. Their sound is polished, in concert and on CD, so you don't have the raw edge of some bands, but their music's traditional roots are always obvious. This is another great CD from one of the top bands in the business.