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Mindy McCready

Ten Thousands Angels – 1996 (BNA)

Reviewed by Dan Kuchar

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Mindy McCready's debut album is the culmination of one of Nashville's Cinderella stories. McCready, a 20-year-old Florida native whose only performing experience consisted of entering (and winning) karaoke contests, landed a record deal after spending only a year in Nashville. It wasn't a fluke, though. "Ten Thousand Angels" is a winner all the way around. McCready's fresh young voice drips with soulful sweetness while producers Norro Wilson and David Malloy serve up some great "Hot New Country" tracks with more than enough pop sound to assure radio play. Finally, the songs are far better than newbies are generally offered on their first go round. "Guys Do It All The Time" exposes male chauvinist double standards while the first single "Ten Thousand Angels" describes a woman'sstruggle to resist the advances of a former lover. Despite it's cliched title, "Have A Nice Day" is the best song on the album. "Ten Thousand Angels" proves that not all Cinderella stories end at midnight.