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Greatest Hits – 2000 (Arista)

Reviewed by Brian Wahlert

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After four albums, BlackHawk has compiled their 12 singles and 3 new songs into a greatest hits collection. The album starts out strong with the top 10 single that ignited their career, "Goodbye Says It All." After that, the band's high-energy, often acoustic-guitar-and-mandolin-infused country sound and beautiful three-part harmonies continued to sound better on each single, as they released such hits off their debut as "Every Once in a While" and "That's Just About Right."

Their sound turned a little less distinctive with their second album, which still included the memorable "Like There Ain't No Yesterday." However, quality tailed off significantly with their last two albums, which are responsible for just three of the songs here.

Unfortunately, the new songs here would fit in better on BlackHawk's last two albums than their first two. "It Takes a Woman" and "Ships of Heaven" are uninteresting ballads, and "I Need You All the Time" is a ditty that can't hold a candle to their best work. BlackHawk had great potential, but ultimately couldn't live up to their initial success.