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Mila Mason

The Strong One – 1998 (Atlantic)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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The disc is aptly titled as Mila Mason sings often of standing up to the tests of love. On "Let Me Cry," she wants to deal with the loss by herself. On "Bossa' My Heart," she pledges to call the shots with a few good guitar licks from Brent Mason thrown in. Mason picked a series of good thematic songs showing the ability to control one's destiny and feelings.

But that didn't often extend to the music on her second disc. Mason offers a supple voice with slight nods to Lorrie Morgan and Tanya Tucker, but like many out there today, she falls victim at times to the prevalent glossyitis inflicting what would otherwise might be strong country songs into pop ("You and Only You," "Don't Maybe Me," "Blood Simple"). The problem is the music doesn't match the emotional content of the lyrics. The heartfelt words are cut by the big sound leaving Mason unable to stand apart from the pack. The title cut is one of a fe exceptions.

Ultimately, Mason is not served by such a direction. Too bad she couldn't stand up enough to the tests of recording.