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Mark Wills

Permanently – 1999 (Mercury)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Mark Wills won't need to be third time lucky - he's already done quite well thank you. And he probably will continue to since the Georgian's generous 13-song album continues in the same light as the first two. Translation: this is light, pop music sung pleasantly, but not exactly overpowering the senses.

Wills sings of family values ("Rich Man" with the man being "rich in love" instead of moolah) and, of course, love. But not a whole lot sticks because most of Wills' material borders on the generic - again pleasant enough, but not exactly cutting deep.

And if there was any doubt about the pop focus, look no further than "Back at One," the closing song and first single. This was first a hit for R&B singer Brian McKnight. If Wills has any country influences (well, there is a tinge of fiddle & pedal steel on a few songs), they sure aren't readily apparent. If radio friendly, country light is your bag, Wills delivers.