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Mark Newton

No Boundaries – 2003 (Rebel)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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Mark Newton has put together a great bluegrass album with this release. The photos hint at a minimalist approach (no fiddle or resophonic guitar), but they overdubbed the fiddle onto the tracks. The songs range from the traditional ("Cindy") to those written by some of the best writers in the business. Combine good writers, great musicians and a strong sense of tradition and you have a recording that will grab the attention of bluegrass lovers everywhere.

If you like hard driving tunes, check out"Linedrive," "Railroad Dollar" and several other up-tempo numbers. The other side of bluegrass is the old home place, mom and dad, and the days gone by. Tom T. and Dixie Hall have penned a great song that alone is worth the price of this CD: "A Beautiful Home." Tom T. and Dixie, Jimmy Martin ("Losing You") and Randall Hylton ("Snow Covered Meadow") are all covered here.

Newton has done all the things you expect from topnotch bluegrass: great vocalists and instrumentalists, songs that tug your heartstrings and songs that make your toes tap and keeping it bluegrass.