Black Music Matters Festival

Lynn Morris

You'll Never Be The Sun – 1999 (Rounder)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

CDs by Lynn Morris

Bluegrass, unlike country, hasn't strayed from its roots. Lynn Morris stays on course here and adds to the great history of bluegrass. It's not that she takes no chances: bassist Marshall Wilborn's "Destination Love" is different, almost BG Rockabilly with a great bass solo, but it's still clearly bluegrass.

Of course there's a showcase instrumental, "Twister" and, of course, the band is great, another standard of BG fare. You'll hear their version of some easily recognized songs, like "Wrong Road Again" and "If Teardrops Were Pennies," which translates to BG very well. Anyone who has been on the short end of love will appreciate "Scraps From Your Table" where Morris asks, "...are sparks enough to light my fire, much less make it burn?"

The gem of is the title cut. It doesn't demonstrate the blinding speed of a hot picker, and the lyrics don't paint a stark, clear picture, but it grabs you. It touches emotions hidden deep inside, visions of a moonlit night and dancing to the smell of roses while she sings. In short, a fantastic ballad. This CD presents a challenge to Morris: how do you do better than this the next time?