Lyle Lovett

My Baby Don't Tolerate – 2003 (Lost Highway)

Reviewed by Bill Silvers

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"I live in my own mind, ain't nothing but a good time, no rain just sunshine, out here in my own mind," sings Lyle Lovett on "In My Own Mind," from his new record. That sentiment sums up the mood here, on Lovett's first studio record of his own original material in seven years.

Working largely with the same group of sterling Large Band musicians he's used since then, Lovett walks on familiar ground - a mix of country, blues and gospel - musically, and the arrangements let the band stretch out and play. The songs are touched with a unique sense of humor - the attractive female Volkswagen driver of the super-catchy opener is "Cute As A Bug," and Lyle's trusty truck is "held together by B.F. Goodtire and bailing wire."

Longtime fans will find little not to like here, though the general good cheer leaves little room for the sort of somber emotional depth that Lovett's shown in the past. But Lyle's not dwelling on anything but the here and now, and it "Ain't Nothing But A Good Ride."