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Lost Dogs

Nazarene Crying Towel – 2003 (BEC)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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The Lost Dogs started out as folk-ish side project for a few graying rockers, but now - after 10 years of making music together and 6 studio albums - these puppies have seemingly found a comfortable and consistent artistic home to huddle together within.

For the most part, the Dogs - Terry Taylor, Mike Roe and Derri Daugherty - have all but abandoned anything resembling rock on these group discs, and "Nazarene Crying Towel" is by far their most country and downright gentle recording of all. Except for the raw blues from the guitar and voice of Mike Roe on "Crying Out Loud," this is primarily a whisper of a disc- aurally speaking.

Also, its overt spirituality sometimes makes it come off closer to a praise and worship album, more than anything else. Due to its consistently hushed vibe, it's sometimes easy to pass over this release's subtle charms. "Be My Hiding Place," for example, is truly a beautiful and simple prayer. There's no real reason to teach these old dogs any new tricks, since the tried-and-true ones are obviously still doing the job just fine. It's just much too soon to throw in the towel, Nazarene, or otherwise.