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Let's Be Us Again – 2004 (BNA)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Don't accuse Lonestar of not living up to the title of their latest.The songs on the quartet's seventh album tend be predictable, always building to a vocal crescendo with Richie McDonald raising his voice to the occasion. The problem is that everything tends to have the same typical anthemic feel making it all sound so radio ready.

The big sound so replete here rests once again with producer Dann Huff, who has produced the last four releases. He is known for having a big, rocking sound. A wailing rocking guitar is never too far away ("What I Miss the Most"). But at least the quartet makes attempts to stay the country course instrumentally throughout, though less so th an in the past.

Lonestar has been consistently good at what they do - at this stage of their career, the listeners basically know what they are going to get - some power ballads with soaring vocals, more low key ballads and a generally uptempo sound with a strong nod towards the pop side of the country equation. While practicing truth in advertising, it also would be nice for Lonestar to stretch out.