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Linda Davis

I'm Yours – 1998 (DreamWorks Nashville)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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Linda Davis is one of Nashville's mysteries. She has a wonderful, warm expressive voice. She seems to pick songs from solid writers fitting her vocal stylings. She is obviously as attractive as any of the more popular country songbirds currently dominating the airwaves. So why isn't she selling just as many records?

Her new outing for a new label with seven previously released songs won't answer that question and probably won't convert any new listeners. But for those unfamiliar with this Texas-born singer, "I'm Yours" is a mighty fine place to start. Not only does the disc contain some memorable new songs, but it also is the repository for what few semi-hits she's had, including "Company Time," "Some Things Are Meant To Be" and the more recent "I Wanna Remember This" from the Black Dog soundtrack. Yet this is hardly a greatest hits package. She opens with the bouncy title cut and then goes through a trio of love songs that seem heartfelt without being schmaltzy. She finally capitalizes on her sassy voice for "I Took The Torch Out Of His Old Flame" and closes with "Make It Through," a duet with Randy Travis where she holds her own.

Davis has at least emerged from label-less obscurity and returned to the foreground with a solid disc. It won't make many top 10 year-enders, but some discs that will aren't as good as this either.