Leroy Troy

The Old Grey Mare – 2001 (Rounder)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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If you are dedicated to a genre of music you'll have a tough time with Leroy Troy's latest. It sometimes sounds old-time, especially as you listen to his banjo, but when's the last time you heard an old-time group doing "Marie Laveau" of Bobby Bare fame? Perhaps Americana fits it best.

Troy is said to be a genius with the banjo and his performance here is substantial, but excellent instrumentalists are the norm in bluegrass-old time-Americana music. What sets these albums apart is some combination of vocals and song selection.

The song selection is all over the place. From "Shady Gove" to "Leroy Troy's Rabbit Dog," "Git Along Little Yearlings" [sic] to "Bottle of Wine." Certainly nothing stands out as memorable. Troy's singing is a version of old time hollering and you need to be a fan of that style to really appreciate it. If you think of this as a performance, it is likely a much better sell when done live. On a CD it will take a dedicated fan to keep this one within easy reach.