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Lee Ann Womack

There's More Where That Came From – 2005 (MCA)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Lee Ann Womack goes back in time, eschewing the more pop sounding qualities of past recordings - her career song "I Hope You Dance" was more pop than country - for her country roots. And the move, perhaps not a surprise given that her last disc covered too many musical styles and sold far too few discs, with a sound more akin to her debut and its hard-edged country suits Womack exceedingly well.

That is quite clear from the start. The album cover has a retro look and is even out in vinyl! It continues with the title track where a fiddle sets the tempo, and Womack's lovely, heartfelt voice takes over. And perhaps most indicative of the stylistic change is that Womack isn't afraid to tackle what may be a cheating song (the title track) or two, something country used to know a lot more about about. "I May Hate Myself in the Morning" finds the woman forgoing guilt later for pleasure now. Womack turns in a splendid version of the very spare, pretty "Waiting for the Sun to Shine," a Sonny Throckmorton song. And if you wait long enough, a hidden track, Jack Clement's "Just Someone I Used to Know," emerges also to excellent effect.

Womack never rushes the music, oversings or goes for a big sound. Credit producer Byron Gallimore or who did all but one track, especially since Womack's voice is a great instrument. Let's hope that Womack lives up the words of her title track because this one sure tastes good.