Last Train Home

Bound Away – 2005 (Bluebuffalo)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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If only all roots rock was as good as Last Train Home's latest and with this attention to detail. Eric Brace had an impressive stint with Kevin Johnson's Linemen and the disc opens with a Johnson tune, "Marlene." If that song provides the foundation for the rest of the disc, then the next one, "Dogs on the East Side," shows off the versatility by adding trumpet, organ and synthesizer.

Last Train Home is adventurous and diverse. The group can maintain the integrity of a cover like Bob Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You," but still affix its own stamp. Brace, who wrote half of the 12 songs, has an eye for detail without cluttering the songs lyrically or instrumentally.

Guest background vocalist Alice Depard shows off her expressive talents on a quartet of songs. There is something very organic and satisfying about this Washington D.C. group. There is no wasted motion and no missteps. This is the group's sixth recording and displays a maturity that reflects the experience on the road and in the studio. It is a shame the group had to find a German label to put this out.