K.T. Oslin

My Roots Are Showin – 1996 (BNA)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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Oslin's first album in a half-dozen years is a strange mix. Half the songs leave you wondering if you have the right CD playing. Part of the problem is seeing composers like the Louvin Brothers then hearing a sound you'd expect from MichaelBolton.

Oslin's arrangements are - to be kind - quirky. But she can sing when she wants to. "Tear Time" is a great country ballad with that fabulous Patsy Cline sound, and "Miss The Mississippi And You" effectively turns back the clock a half century to the Blue Yodeler.

Not that new arrangements can't work, for her rendition of "Down In The Valley" puts life into a traditional song. While she confused the CMA audience with "(I'll See You In) Cuba" it works well here, but the Delmore's "Sand Mountain Blues" just doesn't work as R&B. If you're a fan of her breathy , choppy delivery then you'll love this album. If not, buy it and just listen to the good cuts.