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K.T. Oslin

Live Close By, Visit Often – 2001 (BNA)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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K.T. Oslin is a very sexy lady and this is a sexy CD. The problem (and it's our problem not K.T.'s) is that she's an "Eighties Lady," old enough to be somebody's grandmother, and we are really uncomfortable with grandmotherly sex. And most other mature relationships.

If we were more open-minded, perhaps we could enjoy the title song (from a quote about the ideal relationship from another sexy older and wiser woman, Katherine Hepburn). Perhaps the raw emotion of songs like "A Moment of Forever" and "Drivin', Cryin', Missin' You" and the bad girl antics of "Neva Sawyer" wouldn't make us squirm so. So let's leave ageism out of this. Listen to Oslin's redo of Rosemary Clooney's "Come On-A My House." In Clooney's hand this was a mildly risquT novelty song. K.T. slows it down and torches it up and all of a sudden it's hotter than anything you'll hear on the radio this summer, proving once again that old songs - like old ladies - can stay sexy for longer than we give them credit.