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Kevin Sharp

Measure of a Man – 1996 (Asylum)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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Sharp starts strong with the solid beat of "Measure of a Man" but the very next is one of his best efforts, "Nobody Knows" with its classic country message and sound. She's gone, he's crying, and when you hear that lonesome fiddle you'll cry with him.

There's something different about his voice, something that stays with you. This CD is full of good tracks. Two other standouts are "She's Sure Taking It Well" and the dance floor beat of "Love Bomb." Just close your eyes and you can see the line dancers swaying across the floor.

The more you listen, the more you'll appreciate the superb mixing job. The drums support the music instead of swallowing it, and the band carries Sharp's voice on wings, wings that fly him to the last, and in many ways the best song, "Love At The End of the Road." For all those who have wandered through life, this one's for you.