Black Music Matters Festival

Kevin Gordon

Cadillac Jack's #1 Son – 1998 (Shanachie)

Reviewed by Bruce Kidder

CDs by Kevin Gordon

Hang no genre specific labels on this fine slice of American life delivered by Kevin Gordon. Within the 12 tracks you'll find desire and desperation, anger and innocence, and best of all a finely crafted album.

Although from northern Louisiana, Gordon delivers a dose of Mid-Western life and landscape with the track "Pauline." One listen brings memories of those impetuous days of youth, and the coming to grips with mortality. On the track "Dissatisfied" life's relationships and realities are broken down in a 4 minute-48 second jewel.

Introspection and family ties are played to the hilt on the title cut. Throw in a few roadhouse shuffles, like "Fast Train," "Lucy and Andy Drive to Arkansas" and "Blue Collar Dollar," and you get a nicely paced slice of Americana.

If you are a fan of John Hiatt, or Mark Knopfler, this disc will fit very nicely in your collection.