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Kenny Chesney

Greatest Hits – 2000 (BNA)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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She thinks his tractor's sexy - and she's right, it is. At least compared to most of this music on this CD.

Mister Chesney specializes in the "I-love-you-so-much-it's-sickening" songs, so popular with the sensitive 2'st century male singers currently infesting the airwaves. Songs like "How Forever Feels" (listen to this draggy repetitious CD, and you'll know) and "You Had Me From Hello" (which holds the dubious distinction of being the sappiest song ever based of a movie catch phrase) and "The Tin Man" with a character analysis of Nick Chopper so off-the-mark it makes one wonder if Chesney has ever seen "The Wizard of Oz."

Give the guy credit for one thing however. When it came time for a retrospective, Chesney didn't just throw down eight chart toppers and a couple new songs. There are 17 tracks here, including live versions, remixes and 5 new songs. Unfortunately, it's just more of the same with nothing non-formulaic (other than awkward rhymes like "Don't know how I lived before you/Now I live to explore you")