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Kenny Butterill

No One You Know – 2000 (NSB)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Kenny Butterill has barely a whisper of a voice, which he applies to these plain folk-country tunes. His sometimes half-spoken performances, matched to chugging guitar driven music, are similar to what Dire Straits does so well-only Butterill doesn't do it nearly as well.

Sometimes he sounds like he's so permanently stuck within his favorite groove - all minor keys and a 4/4 beat - that he can't seem to break out of it. When it works - as with "Don't Worry Now My Son" - it's effective and memorable. But when lyrical inspiration fails him - as it too often does, especially on "Balsam Lake" - it's merely so much ambiance, without any substance. Butterill should also stay away from political songs like "Our Liberty," which spouts off generalities, without shedding any new light.

The overall impression left is that of a pleasant listening experience, which fails to leave much of any lasting emotional impression. (A HREF=>Kenny Butterill)