Kathy Robertson

At the Cantina – 1996 (Kitty La Tour Music)

Reviewed by Dallas Clemmons

CDs by Kathy Robertson

In a better world, you wouldn't have to work so hard to find kindergarten teacher Kathy Robertson's new CD. This fine album, featuring guests Rosie Flores, Chris Gaffney, Bonnie Owens, Big Sandy, Katy Moffat, and members of the Hellecasters and Merle Haggard's Strangers, would be readily availableand you could bring it home, throw it in your machine, and be happier for it.

But such is not the case; you'll have search it out. Do so. You'll find Robertson's strong voice swinging on Tex-Mex polkas ("La Locura"), rockabilly numbers, roots rockers (Flores' "It Came From Memphis"), and, mostly, classic Bakersfield-sound country music. Robertson previously was on one of Restless Records' Bakersfield discs.

On her wonderful cover of Jean Shepard's "Twice The Lovin'" Robertson evokes Shepard's spirit so well you'll swear you're listening to the original Honky Tonk Heroine. "I wanna get a Ph.D in fun at the University of Merle Haggard" Robertson sings, and she sure deserves it, with honors. (909-989-2664)