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Kacey Jones

Men are Some of my Favorite People – 1997 (Curb)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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Kacey Jones can't decide whether she wants to be a singer or a stand-up comic. She'd be better off to stick with singing (unless of course Wal-Mart is hiring). Her smarmy male-bashing comedic routines about penis size, toilet seats and life with a "Bubba" have all been done (and done and done) by Brett Butler and many others.

The songs cover the same trite turf, and some of them ("I Miss My Man" (but my aim is getting better) and (If they can send one man to the moon) "Why Can't They Send 'Em All?") are nothing but bumper stickers with a beat, but at least you can tap your foot to them. And when she plays it straight (as she does on "I Got the Message" and "Just to Torture Myself"), she's not a bad singer.

Still, everything here sounds tremendously dated. How dated? Well, Jones revives a 20-year-old Jud Strunk chestnut ("The Biggest Parakeets in Town"), and it sounds at least as current than anything else in this package.