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Justin Trevino

Travelin' Singin' Man – 2001 (Lone Star)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Those in need of a quick fix of Texas honky tonk music la Johnny Bush and Ray Price ought to run for the third album from Justin Trevino. Once again, Trevino hits the mark in song after song. He does it right whether on ballads ("Waltz of the Wind") or honky tonkers (the opening "All Right I'll Sign the Papers" and the closing "One More Drink and Then I'll Go," a duet with co-producer Johnny Bush, for whom Trevino plays).

Despite the inclusion of Bush, this is not a case of a young singer trying to cash in on a name. Far from it. The two sing well together, and Trevino, who admired Bush since his teens, more than holds his own (There is another duet, "Who Will Buy the Wine"). As Bush writes in the liner notes, a singer has to "feel" the song, and that Trevino does. The emphasis clearly is on Trevino's vocals, although the backing instrumentation is none too shabby in setting the right beat. Actually, Trevino often has himself to thank as he plays guitars and electric bass and contributes backing vocals as well.

Bottom line is the singing and music mesh -together to create a true sense of honky tonk music. Trevino is positioning himself quite well to be the heir to the tradition.