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Skip Gorman

Lonesome Prairie Love – 1996 (Rounder)

Reviewed by Jana Pendragon

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Skip Gorman has done it again. His second release is another brilliant foray into the heart and soul of the wild, wild west. With a combination of traditional tunes and songs written by more modern day cowboy bars like Gene Autry and Walt LaRue and his own "My Old Waddy Pal," this is not only significant, but highly entertaining and touching. More contemporary numbers include the much loved fiddle tune "Sally Goodin" and the always popular "Mexicali Rose." From the cowboy archives, Gorman serves up tasty trail renditions of "Colorado Trail," "Snag-Toothed Sal," "The Lonely Cowboy" and "The Night Guard." All pass muster and are just as appropriate underneath a desert summer sky while sitting around a camp fire as they are coming from a CD player in the heart of the city. Gorman stands proudly besides the cowboy greats like Don Edwards, LaRue and Autry. He's a cowboy and makes some of the finest cowboy music anywhere - period. Highly recommended.