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Bill Mack

Sings His Songs – 1998 (Bill Mack Productions)

Reviewed by Joel Bernstein

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Known as "Radio's Midnight Cowboy," Bill Mack has been a major Texas DJ since the '50's. He has also been a prolific songwriter and sometime recording artist. Mack's biggest songs were around a long time before catching fire. "Drinking Champagne," a minor hit for Cal Smith in 1968, became a much bigger hit for George Strait in 1990. Then "Blue," a song Mack originally recorded for Starday in 1958 became the sensation that launched LeAnn Rimes' career.

Those 2 songs, plus 12 other Mack compositions and a couple of covers, comprise this album. (Although only the original "Blue" has its recording date identified, most of these tracks apparently come from the '60's and '70s'). Mack is an old-school, deep-voiced singer who gets by on personality as much as voice, although there are lots worse songwriter-singers around. His announcing experience shines through on the moving recitation "Today I'm Bringin' You Roses." The three duets include one with the late Stoney Edwards. There are always people looking for quality country songs that got lost in the shuffle. Mack has a track record that says this is a good place to look.