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Juliet at the Rodeo

Alt. 40 West – 2000 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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This Washington, DC band is made up of area music scene veterans who play like they have been down this road a time or two. Their two main singers, Andrea Brown and Gregg Corr, give the group a versatile sound that adapts to different textures and tempos. Corr's slightly nasal tone evokes the BoDeans on, "You're Gone For Good," while Brown shows a brassier sound on "Love At First Sight." The tradeoff between them is as much ragtime jazz (on "What's Your Name?")as it is swinging country.

The album overall has a very live feel, but that benefits the sometimes tossed-off feel of the lyrics. It's not clear who Juliet is, but she comes up not only in the band's name but also in the album's best tune, the Silos-like, "Juliet You'll See," written by guitarist Brian Kenney. It is in simple, memorable melodies like this that Juliet At The Rodeo finds the right road for the direction they are headed. (Juliet at the Rodeo)