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Joy Lynn White

The Lucky Few – 1997 (Little Dog)

Reviewed by Brian Wahlert

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Joy Lynn White's two Columbia albums had listeners marveling at the fiery,unbridled passion of her vocals and the strong country tradition in hersongs.

Thankfully, little changes with her move to independent Little Dog. Under Pete Anderson's guidance, she stretches out stylisticallyhere on songs like the bluesy, organ-infused "Why Do I Love You," but thecenter of this album is still hard-core country. The redhead's demanding,unrestrained wail on the California-country "Try Not to Be So Lonely" worksperfectly, and then she turns 180 degrees around to sing like angel on "IDoubt If It Does to You."

As good as those songs are, the best is yet tocome. "I keep my distance from those happy hearts of the lucky few," shesings on the title song, managing to sound both heartbroken and defiant atthe same time. "I Just Wanted to See You So Bad" and "I Lost It" are twoother highlights on an album chock full of and Anderson's great, varied arrangements and White's awesome vocals.