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Joni Harms

Cowgirl Dreams – 1998 (Warner Western)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Joni Harms is pictured carrying a saddle on this album's cover, as documented proof that this cowgirl is the real thing. Of course, the fact that she records for Warner Western should be more than proof enough.

The living proof, though, comes through loud and clear in this Oregon farmer's daughter drawl of a voice and western swing influenced songs. "Old-Fashioned Girl" says it best when she sings "I'm and old-fashioned girl/In a modern day world." Harms, listed as co-writer on all of these songs, sings about the things an old-fashioned girl loves best: nature ("Blue Montana Moon") dancing on a Saturday night ("Two-Steppin' Texas Blue" and "Swing") and affairs of the heart ("When I Get Over You" and "That's How I Feel About You.")

What results is a pleasant, if uneventful release. Sprinkled with small pleasures, this presents a picture of the modern West, from the perspective of sweet feminine charm.