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Bill Engvall

Here's Your Sign – 1996 (Warner)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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Bill Engvall is not as "redneck" as Jeff Foxworthy, nor as reactionary as JerryClower and James Gregory. But he is just as southern as those gentlemen and atleast as funny.

Engvall's favorite target is stupidity, whether it's corporate(warning labels such as Preparation H's "Do not take this orally" or curlingirons that caution "Do not insert this in any orifice") or personal (thecrashing hypocrisy Engvall feels when he swats his son to teach him not to hithis playmate).

But there is no animosity in his humor. So when he talks abouthis son throwing up his bed ("Somebody ought to make an alarm clock that soundslike a baby barfing - cuz there is no snoozin'.") or his wife bringing businessat the grocery store to a halt to save $1.67 with coupons, the love is therein abundance. So are the laughs. No profanity, but some mild sex talk.