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Jenny Simpson

Jenny Simpson – 1998 (Mercury)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Jenny Simpson starts off her debut with "Ticket Out of Kansas," about leaving the secure Midwest life behind to take her chances. "I know so many dreams are bound/with this ticket out of Kansas," she sings. But based on the rest of the disc, it seems Simpson isn't particularly interested in going anywhere.

The Nashville-native's low-key voice may be her strongest asset on this disc that's more adult contemporary than country. Simpson's voice is pleasant enough ("One Word" and "Under the Rainbow"), though not overpowering or overwhelming. But there is not enough musical variety among the 11 songs, save for the harder edged "So I Kissed Him" and the uptempo "Little Miracles." The songs all fall into the same (mid) tempo and never grab you lyrically or certainly musically. Producer Garth Fundis seems not to have lit a fire under anybody here.

The cover of Simpson's CD is all telling. It's a washed-out head shot of her in blue tones. Essentially, bland, just like the material inside. She may need a return ticket.