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Jeff Wood

Between the Earth and the Stars – 1997 (Imprint)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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It's not the least bit surprising that Jeff Wood penned "Cowboy Love," a hit for John Michael Montgomery. And based on his debut, listeners would think he also was writing for Garth Brooks. In other words, Wood is more of a wannabe. It's not that the album is so bad. Many songs are pleasant enough sounding (the catchy "Long Way From OK," despite the country bumpkin in LA premise, and "You Just Get One," penned in part by Vince Gill), but if looking for something different, forget it. The subject matter - mainly about relationships - produces no surprises and at times proves overly maudlin. At least the songs usually maintain country sensibilities musically and are not pop masking as country. But ultimately, this is country light.