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Jeff Foxworthy

Totally Committed – 1998 (Warner)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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Rapidly gaining a reputation as a one-trick pony, and saddled with the dubious distinction of being the only major stand-up comedian of the '90's whose sitcom flopped (not once but twice), Jeff Foxworthy desperately needs to reinvent himself. He takes a few steps away from the hick schtick here, but it's either too little ("You Can't Give Rednecks Money" and "Sophisticated People vs. Rednecks" which are only minor variations on the "You Might Be a You Know What" theme) or too late (jokes about Jell-O, bungee jumping, the stupidity of the male and suchlike driven into the ground long ago by every stand-up on the circuit). In fairness to Jeff, it may be that his fans will not let him evolve. The lukewarm audience on this live album only comes alive for the encore, which is three minutes and thirty-six seconds of - you guessed it - "You Might Be a Redneck" gags.