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Bill Anderson

The Way I Feel – 2005 (TWI)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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Though Whisperin' Bill Anderson had an impressive run of hits in the 1960s, lately he has been best known as a songwriter, penning hits for Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley. Anderson's own version of "Whiskey Lullaby," Paisley's hit duet with Alison Krauss, is included here, though Anderson's delivery isn't quite as haunting without Krauss' accompaniment.

Anderson has earned another lease on his creative life mostly through writing with younger artists, and he continues that trend here with, "Cold All The Time," with Irene Kelly, and, "Him and Me," with former Derailer Tony Villanueva.Although this could be viewed as an expensive demo disc, there isn't another song on a par with "Whiskey Lullaby." "What Drove Her Away," is solid enough, though, and "God's Country" taps into the spiritually oriented fare that has peppered mainstream radio outlets in recent years. It's enough that Anderson still likes to record his own songs, but he ought to give himself more to work with than the Branson-worthy setting he has here.