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Jeff Foxworthy

Double Wide, Single Minded – 2003 (Warner)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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The great thing about best-of comedy collections as opposed to their more melodic cousins is that you haven't gotten sick of hearing these cuts on the radio. Jeff Foxworthy's classic bits, you may have forgotten just how funny he can be.

Yes, the redneck jokes are all here, but Foxworthy is more than that. He riffs mostly on growing up, being married, raising children, things all of us can identify with. And although, like everyone else with a Southern accent, he doesn't get credit for being sagacious, we could learn a lot by heeding to his advice. If his description of the birth process looking like "a wet Saint Bernard trying to come through the cat door" can dissuade just one husband from videotaping the delivery, he deserves the American equivalent of knighthood.

This generous CD collection (over an hour of comedy) also comes with a DVD, which has all the videos Jeff did in the '90s like "Redneck 12 Days of Christmas," and "Party All Night." Yeah, you've seen them all before, but these were very well done with musicians like Little Texas and Alan Jackson lending their talents, and did you notice Jim ("Hey, Vern") Varney as one of the Deliverance-style hillbillies in Redneck Games? There's also a video interview with Jeff on the DVD where he tells some interesting behind the scenes things about the videos, like how it was working with director Weird Al Yankovich and what kind of goods you have to have to blackmail Alan Jackson into helping you out.

Jeff Foxworthy has sold over 13 million records, making him the largest selling comedy-recording artist in history. With good reason. The man is funny - no matter what the hue of your head-holder.