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Jeff Foxworthy

Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered – 2004 (Warner)

Reviewed by Ken Burke

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Jeff Foxworthy who made "redneck" a pop buzzword has refined a winning, everyman persona that enables him to amuse his Minneapolis audience even with some relatively weak observations about funeral homes, airport security and rental cars. Granted, working up new material is a risky and admirable venture, but it is a little sad to hear someone with Foxworthy's imagination resorting to Cialis jokes.

Skillfully, the Georgia-born comic recovers by essaying new routines concerning the similarities between married and gay men, ("If you're a guy and you can't remember the last time you had sex with a woman - you're either gay or married."), and of course, the vagaries of married life. ("I ran out of gas because my wife doesn't realize that it's legal for women to purchase gasoline.") Funny stuff.

However, the hilarity hits a higher gear when Cable Guy joins him for a set of comedic trade-offs called "I Believe." ("I believe the color of the state flag of Alabama should be primer.") Operating like a redneck version of the Smothers Brothers, Foxworthy's droll jokes are completely overshadowed by Cable Guy's character-based humor, who has never been more appealing. Allowing his tourmate to garner the album's biggest laughs can be viewed as either generous or foolish, but it does make for sock finish to a hit and miss album.