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Jason Meadows

Jason Meadows – 2005 (Baccer Stick)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Jason Meadows may not be the Nashville Star, but that may not stop the Okie from forging a music career anyway. Modeled after George Strait, which also was apparent on TV, Meadows is not just a clone. After all, most artists have reference points elsewhere anyway.

Meadows generally has a slew of worthy country songs, especially a good sign considering he helped write 6 of the 10. The general themes seem to be subjects the farm owner may be comfortable with: the uptempo honky tonkers "Cowboy Up" and "Get Off My Farm," which echoes "The Race Is On," give an idea along with more tender love songs. He shows a sense of humor on "The Real Bubba," appealing to his Southern base. "I Didn't Get My Dog Back" doesn't work as well because Meadows sounds like he's trying too hard on what is basically a novelty song.

Meadows succeeds more on the slightly slower material - the lead off "Countrified" is good, but would have been better with a more restrained sound. That's in contrast to the follow-up "Big Shot,' where he lowers the level a notch, but still maintains some vocal grit. "Don't Try to Find Me" also works quite well where his voice shines. He goes softer yet on "All These Memories."Meadows may not have won Nashville Star III, but as this shows, the guy knows his way around a country song.