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Janet Lynn

The Girl You Left Behind – 1997 (Austex)

Reviewed by Joel Bernstein

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Here's an album that is "alternative" only because the people who made it are distanced - geographically and otherwise - from the Nashville loop. It's mainstream country music without the cookie-cutter mentality pervading the real mainstream. This album won't blow you away. There'll be no "Wow, that's the best (whatever) I've ever heard" or "I've never heard that before." But it's an album with no flaws. Lynn is a fine singer, not really dissimilar to many others, but a copy of no one. The production by former Wagoneer Brent Wilson (Lynn's husband) is simple and tasteful.The musicians, some of Austin's finest, all do their jobs well, and of course they don't sound exactly like those Nashville cats who are on so many hits. The songs, about half of them original, are all good - or in many cases very good. There's a nice mix of tempos. Really, there's no legitimate reason why Janet Lynn couldn't be all over the radio. And maybe if music like this were on the radio, there wouldn't be so many people desperately seeking alternatives. (PO Box 3000-373, Austin, TX 78764 or 512-480-9790)