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Hot Apple Pie

Hot Apple Pie – 2005 (DreamWorks Nashville)

Reviewed by Michael Sudhalter

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Brady Seals has broadened his musical horizons as the lead vocalist for the new quartet Hot Apple Pie. The group's first single "Hillbillies" is a humorouslook at the pleasures of country life with a beat that combines country with funk and soul.

The former Little Texas lead singer feels right at home on love ballads like "Why Can't I Get To You" and "Easy Does It," but the best track is easily the stone country ballad "Slowin' Down the Fall," which includes a guest appearence by Willie Nelson. Seals chronicles his failure to start a pop music career in "California King." Seals and his new mates show their versatility on the 80's-sounding "We're Making Up," the Buffett-esque "The Good Life," a bluegrass/blues cover of The Band's "The Shape I'm In" as well as "Redneck Revolution," a song that would fit squarely into the Big & Rich vein of country music. Little Texas fans, however, will feel like it's 1995 again when they hear "Annabelle" and "Everybody Wants to Dance With My Baby."

HAP has at least one song that will appeal to fans of each country music subgenre.