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Something to Believe In – 2005 (Compadré)

Reviewed by Andy Turner

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If the whole Texas frat country thing makes you cringe, your initial impression of Honeybrowne might not be favorable. They're named after a beer, they have a shaggy-but-cute (bald-but-cute for one member) style and the sensitive song titles on their new album include "One Heart Ain't Enough" and "My Turn to Hear You Cry." Boys Gone Mild, anyone?

But give the album a chance, and you might find yourself enjoying what this quartet has to offer: carefully crafted and sincere songs, sweet melodies and harmony vocals and a Texas take on commercial rock, pop and country that isn't too polished. Lead singer Fred Andrews' vocals are kind of cross between Steve Earle and Rodney Crowell, but Honeybrowne's songs are nowhere as adventurous as those musicians. The songs are mainly about relationships good and bad, with a few exceptions ("8 Roses, "I'm Here"), but that's often the case in all musical genres.

Even if you don't plan on swaying along with your beer in the air and your eyes on college girl in a cowboy hat, you might find something to like in "Something to Believe In."