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Hindu Cowboys

Hindu Cowboys – 2000 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Eric Zehnbauer

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On their eponymous debut, the Orlando-based Hindu Cowboys deliver an outstanding mix of songs which should appeal to a wide spectrum of music fans. The music at various times strikes a common chord with today's country music, the country-rock sound of the early '70's, the post-modern alternative rock genre (albeit with a twang), and any number of influences from coast-to-coast and beyond.

Singer-songwriter Joseph Martens delivers a fine performance throughout, his excellent high tenor voice often reminiscent of Vince Gill. Also deserving mention is the pedal steel guitar work throughout of Paul Crawford. In today's pop-influenced country music scene, when was the last time a "country" band dared to feature pedal steel so prominently? The only negative about this disc is, at only seven songs, it's not long enough. (Box 3493, Orlando, FL 32802)