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Highway 101 & Paulette Carlson

Reunited – 1996 (Willow Tree)

Reviewed by Joel Bernstein

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Sometimes that greener grass you see is nothing but artificial turf. That's what Paulette Carlson discovered when she left successful Highway 101 for a solo career. And the band didn't do so well without her either. So she's back together with them, or at least with two of the original three. This album contains eight new tracks and four of the band's classic hits (the original hit recordings). The latter are available elsewhere, and their presence makes the new material sound weaker than it really is. Carlson is still in good voice and things sound nice, but the new songs are unexceptional. "Where'd You Get Your Cheatin' From" and "I've Got Your Number" stand a bit above the others. This is also an a "Enhanced CD," meaning lyrics and videos that used to be a standard part of the album packaging are now available only to people with CD-Rom. Band members talk about the pictures, although this copy had problems with some spoken portions. Too bad the new music isn't better.