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Melic – 1998 (Watermelon)

Reviewed by Robert Wooldridge

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Some will already be familiar with the tune "God-shaped Hole" from the Bloodshot compilation "Nashville: The Other Side of the Alley." Joy Lynn White joins Hayseed on one of the album's other highlights with a duet on "Walk This Earth," one of several tunes that reflect his background as a preacher's son. Lucinda Williams is also on hand for "Precious Memories" and "Credo."

The influence of the Allman Brothers is apparent not only in Hayseed's vocal style, but also in the inclusion of the Allman's "Melissa" as the only cover tune. In contrast to the image invoked by the chosen nickname of Hayseed, this is an impressive debut by an artist whose interest in the arts is clearly not confined to country - his liner notes quote a poem by Shelley and the title alludes to Greek lyric poetry.